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Tabernae Turritanae. A short walk to discover Turris Libisonis.

The ancient Roman colony of Porto Torres, with its shops, its rhythm, and its daily routine will come back to life for a day through the historical re-enactment of the Associazione Sardinia Romana.

The aspects in the lives of the ancient Romans such as beauty treatments, cults, in particular, the worship of Isis, medical treatments, oil production, and trading, will be recreated inside the archaeological area of Turris Libisonis on Saturday 28 September 2019, from 16.00 to 20.00.

The ancient shops will be recreated inside some of the still visible spaces, referred by the archeologists as tabernae. These areas were destined for commercial activities, like the bakery, called Pistrinum, where there will be demonstration of utilized techniques in the production of different types of bread; the fish shop, where an ancient Roman recipe called garum will be served, and finally the jeweler shop, with a selection of fashionable pieces of jewelry worn during the Imperial time. All the re-enactors will be wearing faithfully reproduced historical apparel and will be available to provide information inside the tabernae.