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Terms and conditions

This website is the property of the Museum Complex – Ministry of cultural heritage and activities and tourism (MiBACT). The use of this website implicates knowledge and acceptance by the user of these conditions of use.

The Museum Complex reserves the right to change the contents of the legal notes at any time, without prior notice. Therefore, the user is invited to check them regularly.

Objectives of the website

This website aims to supply information on the function and activities of the Museum Complex and is addressed to institutions, professionals in the sector and people who require updates on such matters.

The website staff operates to supply information as promptly as possible, keeping it up to date. However, the content may not always be thorough, complete or updated. Any indications about this may be sent by email to (insert email).

The data contained in the Museums section is taken from and directly linked to DBUnico, the single database of MiBACT for cultural venues. The information on each sheet is included and updated directly by the members. Mistakes or imprecisions should be reported to the email addressed indicated on the single sheets.


Unless otherwise indicated, the contents and information on the website are protected in compliance with the laws on copyright, so it may not be copied, either fully or partially, edited and sold for profit. The reproduction of the contents published in any form (graphic, texts, pictures, etc.) is allowed for personal use and not commercial use, and as long as the source is specifically mentioned.

The documents contained in this website for download (e.g.: legislative documentation, publications, forms, guidelines, etc.), unless otherwise indicated, are freely available. If this is not the case, notification will be given in the instructions for their use.

Exclusion of responsibility

The Museum Complex cannot be held responsible for damages of any kind caused directly or indirectly by access to the website, or by the inability or impossibility to access it.

The information contained in this website is supplied for informative purposes only and has no legal value as legislation, provision or administrative act; it is always necessary to refer to the official texts used and published in the Official Gazette and in the other instruments indicated by the law.

Links to external websites indicated on this website are supplied merely as an informative service for users, excluding all responsibility for the correctness and completely of the information supplied in such links.

Any abusive access, alteration, falsification, amendment or cancellation or the content of the information published, or part thereof, as well as the impediment or disturbance of the operation of this website, is strictly forbidden, in compliance with the Criminal Code and Law no. 547, dated 23 December 1993 “Amendments and additions to the Criminal Code and the Code for Criminal Procedure on the matter of IT crimes”.


User privacy is very important. Therefore, we have drawn up a specific information document on Privacy which the User, in using this website, accepts.