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Sardinia at the time of Efisio.

This is another important appointment that will take place at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Cagliari, and it will highlight the events surrounding the life of the soldier Efisio. He was originally from Siria, and was sent to Sardinia to fight the Christians, in a cosmopolitan empire under imperial domination.

After reaching the Italian peninsula, he converted to Christianity, and refused to fight against people of his newfound religion.

Professor Attilio Mastino, Headmaster of the University of Sassari from 2009 to 2014, and Roman History teacher, will illustrate the Roman Sardinia during Imperial Age, and in particular, the period Efisio lived in. It was during this time that important changes took place after the spreading of Christianity. This occurrence is part of a cycle of events related to a new exhibition at the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Cagliari, that will expand from the character of Efisio, who was first a Roman soldier, then a Christian martyr, and finally a saint.

roman amphitheater – Cagliari