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Efisio: behind the scenes of the exhibition.

To learn more about all aspects of the scientific project leading to the creation of the exhibition Efisio. Martyred by the Romans, sanctified by the Christians, cherished by the contemporaries, Roberto Concas, director of the Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Cagliari, and Manuela Puddu, archaeologist of the Polo Museale of Sardinia, are presenting to the public, the work behind the organization of an exhibition. Preparations include the scientific program for contents identification, and the involvement of external contributors. The volunteers of the National Civil Service, which include archaeologists, architects, art historians, and translators, will talk about their contributions to the creation of the exhibition itinerary, which include texts formulation with photos and illustrations, preparation, communication, and assistance.

This occurrence is the first of a series of events that will take place every Thursday, and will involve experts for a cultural deepening on topics of great interest related to the exhibition.