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Byzantine Cagliari through the Passio of Saint Efisio

A conference will take place on Thursday 24 May, titled Byzantine Cagliari through the Passio of Saint Efisio. This is another occurrence  within the cycle of planned events #RaccontiamoEfisio, associated with the exhibition Efisio. Martyrized by the Romans, sanctified by the Christians, cherished by the contemporaries.

During the meeting Professor Rossana Martorelli, director of the School of Specialization of the Archaeological Heritage and president of the Faculty of Humanities of the University of Cagliari, will shed some light on the topographical evidence suggested by the Passio of Saint Efisio. Professor Martorelli will give a more rounded vision of an unexplored and poorly documented Byzantine Cagliari.

The Passio, whose earliest testimony is contained in a Vatican Code of the twelfth century, is in fact the result of previous literary elaborations dating back to the eighth century A.D.