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The sky narrates. The myth of Callisto during the night of the falling stars.

The Museo Nazionale Memoriale Giuseppe Garibaldi of Caprera,  on the occasion of extended visiting hours, until 22.30 on Saturday 11 August, is organizing an event dedicated to the observation of the sky, among planets, falling stars, and constellations. The evocative atmosphere of Fort Arbuticci will be the setting for a special night. Visitors will be able to walk around while waiting for darkness, and falling stars. The sky observation will be accompanied by lectures, scenic and animated performances associated with the myth of Callisto and the Big Dipper. Callisto was one of the nymphs consecrated to  the goddess Artemis, and was bound to chastity. Zeus fell in love with her and seduced her.  According to different version of the story, it was the same Artemis, who, after feeling betrayed, turned her into a bear. Other versions narrate that Zeus himself transformed her into a bear to spare her life from the wrath of his wife Era.

The elevated position of Fort Arbuticci, about 130 meters above sea level, situated on an isolated area of Caprera, distant from the town and all artificial lights, make the location one of the most suitable and evocative sites for sky observation in complete darkness.