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Su mortu mortu. Funeral rituals and practices before Turris.

During the month of November, the period traditionally dedicated to the commemoration of the dead, the Museo archeologico nazionale Antiquarium Turritano of Porto Torres is organizing a conference titled Su mortu mortu. Funeral rituals and practices before Turris. Reflections on the perforated skull of Su Crucifissu Mannu and other known cases in Sardinia, on Sunday 10 November at 18.00.

The director of the museum, Maria Letizia Pulcini, will analyze the theme of skull perforating during ancient times. She will begin with a brief introduction on the methodologies and the finalities of applied anthropological physic applied to archaeological contexts. She will give particular attention to the perforated skull from the burial ground of Su Crucifissu Mannu, situated between Sassari and Porto Torres, comparing it to other Sardinian cases.

It will be an important occasion to learn about the aspects of the cultural and religious history of the territory of Porto Torres during the centuries preceding the establishment of the colony of Turris Libisonis.  Additionally, there will be an illustration of the work of the physical anthropologist, the person who  assists the archaeologist in the study and the reconstruction of the life, style, and health conditions of the communities of the past.

The participation to the event is free for a maximum of 40 people. For reservations write to

or call telephone number +39 079514433.