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Saint Efisio and the Saracens.

The aspects and the extent of a possible Arab presence in Sardinia.

The Museo Archeologico Nazionale of Cagliari is presenting a conference by Fabio Pinna, professor of Medieval Archaeology of the University of Cagliari, titled Saint Efisio and the Saracens, on Thursday 5 July 2018 at 17.30 in the training room. The event is associated to the exhibition Efisio. Martyrized by the Romans, sanctified by the Christians, cherished by the contemporaries.

An historical scene on the presence of the Saracens on the island will be traced, beginning with the first Arab conquests during the seventh century in the Mediterranean Sea, and the testimonies offered by the Passio of the martyred Saint, up until Efisio’s relics were moved to Pisa. The professor will analyze a few archaeological relics kept in the Museum, and some historical and iconographic elements that briefly recall the exhibition dedicated to the Saint.

This event is one of various appointments scheduled on Thursdays, that involve the participation of experts and scholars for a cultural deepening on the great interest themes connected to the exhibition.