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Roman Sardinia in the imagination of Giovanni Marghinotti.

Reflections on Sardinian history through one of its greatest painters.

On Thursday 21 June, the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Sassari is presenting a conference of the historian Attilio Mastino and art historian Mario Tola about Giovanni Marghinotti, a great Sardinian painter of the nineteenth century. This event will bring reflection and better knowledge of the history of Sardinia through the artist’s work. Three paintings will be studied and analyzed: The oath of Amsicora, Sardinians offer clothing to the army of Caio Gracco, Roman scene (sketch). The Bellum Sardum and the Roman domination will be highlighted through the artist’s nineteenth century antique taste. The Pinacoteca Nazionale of Sassari, in addition to its already rich and articulated collection, will exhibit more than twenty portraits, landscapes, and paintings with an historical theme that retrace the artist’s production. He was the first artist that gained fame and recognition even outside the island. With his intense activity he exalted the fundamental moments of the life of the Sardinian people and their ancient traditions.