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Music Festival 2018.

The much anticipated event Music Festival 2018 will kick off on Thursday 21st.

More than 9000 musicians will perform free concerts in squares and Italian cities, inspired by values of sharing, spontaneity, availability, and curiosity that make the Festival a great moment of collective participation.

Sardinian museums are waiting for you with interesting initiatives:

Concert Nuances Polifoniche with the choir Madrigalisti Turritani.

Time of the event: 20.00

Conference The sound landscape of the festival of Saint Efisio.

There will be a conference by Ignazio Macchiarella, professor of ethnomusicology of the University of Cagliari. The event is associated with the exhibition Efisio. Martyrized by the Romans, sanctified by the Christians, cherished by the contemporaries, themed The sound landscape of the festival of Saint Efisio.

Time of the event: 17.30

Maestro Alessio Manca is conducting the concert Giovani e Cultura, a strings orchestra of young musicians from the high school “D.A. Azuni” of Sassari. Time of event: 20.30

Festival Inaudita 2018. Concerts and Contemporary meetings. This is the seventh and last appointment with the musicians from the Conservatorio di Musica “G.P. da Palestrina” of Cagliari.

Time of event: 18.00

All events are free.