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International polyphonic music festival Voices of Europe.

Music meets the museum. An original way to learn about the archaeological heritage of the city of Porto Torres.

The Museo Archeologico nazionale Antiquarium Turritano of Porto Torres, in collaboration with the Coro Polifonico Turritano, is organizing a concert for the International polyphonic music festival titled Voices of Europe. The event will take place during the extended opening hours of Sunday, 16 September 2018, at 18.00.

The Antiquarium Turritano is hosting again this year,  one stage of the XXXV edition of the International Festival, that will include the participation of the best choirs from Europe. The Coro Polifonico Turritano will sing during this occasion. The choir has been performing  since 1959, and it is considered to be one of the best amateur choirs in Italy. It has been directed by Laura Lambroni since 2014. A guided tour will be available at 19.30 for all the music lovers that will attend  the concert.