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MuSST. Museums and development of territorial systems

With MuSST – Museums and development of territorial systems, the Directorate-General of Museums intends to support Regional Museum Complexes in the promotion of territorial networks, in interactive development and in the creation of integrated cultural itineraries.

The programme is part of the actions aimed at creating the National Museum System which will comprise all the country’s public and private museums, organised in observance of the “Act of address on technical-scientific criteria and operation and development standards for museums” (see Museums in Italy).

To promote the development and creation of the National Museum System, the Directorate-General of Museums intends to favour the launch of communication between the various public and private museum organisations, encouraging the Regional Museum Complexes to present innovative proposals involving other MiBACT Institutes, organisations in the cultural, educational, service and private sectors as partners.

MuSST aims to guarantee operational support to the strategies of “system” and to sustain the planning of good practices which address cultural development and tourism, with a view to making the most of all the resources that represent the idea of a territory, together.

The objectives of MuSST include the birth of a “practical community” to transfer design-related expertise to other proponents in the future, as well as a list of good practices that can provide significant indicators for research and operation.

For 2016, the Directorate-General has allocated funds for a total of € 500,000 in support of the projects presented by the Regional Museum Complexes, in compliance with the methods envisaged in the Invitation to present proposals.