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Museums of Histories

Coordinated project involving the museums of the Polo through a programme aiming at enhancing the collections within four main themes

Museums of Histories Histories is a project that involves the museums of the Polo in several activities: exhibitions, workshops and scientific activities.

What is our goal?

The aim is to provide an increasingly diverse cultural offering by identifying a coordinated and shared strategy that strengthens the personality of each museum within the Regional Museum System. This is possible thanks to an annual and regular programme, able to satisfy the demand for culture, curiosity and knowledge of the vast audience due to a range of cultural proposals that are focused on themes and works of significant cultural relevance. The entire project is supported by a generalized communication structure that is homogeneous for all museums and a coordinated graphic image.

Locandina Musei di Storie

Locandina Musei di Storie

What are the themes?

Four themes were chosen and identified for an ambitious and captivating program with bi-monthly occurrence. Beginning with Weave and Warp from May 7 to June 25, Food will start on July 2 until September 24, Iron and Fire from October 1 to November 26 and then Gold and Silver from December 3 to February 25, 2018.





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