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Watch the moon.

Fort Arbuticci is opening its gates to all astronomy enthusiasts to admire the total eclipse of the moon.

The Museo Nazionale Memoriale Giuseppe Garibaldi of Caprera is welcoming visitors to experience the fascinating atmosphere of the lunar eclipse on Friday evening, 27 July, 2018. For this event the museum will be open extended hours, from 19.30 to 23.30.

The earth will slowly move between the moon and the sun, obscuring the moon. The eclipse will start when the moon starts fading into the penumbra, and very slowly, at around 22.20, it will be totally overshadowed, taking on a reddish color. The total darkness phase will be the longest recorded in this century, lasting one hour and 43 minutes, 40 minutes longer than average.

The elevated position of Fort Arbuticci, and its distance from the town and all artificial lights, make the location one of the most suitable and evocative sites for sky observation.