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Waiting for Turris gold.

Sardinian filigree jewelry of the past and the present.

While waiting for the great exhibition that will be inaugurated next fall at the Museo archeologico nazionale Antiquarium Turritano of Porto Torres, there will be an event on Friday 27 July, 2018 from 21.00 to 23.00. During the evening, the museum halls and the archaeological area will come to life with a special event titled Aspettando l’oro di Turris (Waiting for Turris gold), dedicated to the art of working with Sardinian filigree. It will be a great opportunity to admire and learn about the historical evolution of filigree jewelry. Recognizable and renowned, these gold and silver ornaments, worked with this particular type of weaving, keep their charm intact, and they are among the distinctive marks of Sardinia.

The collection of jewelry created by Tiziana Andolfi will be presented during the evening. The event will be presented by Marco Pireddu, and will include the performances of BSL Studiodanza, and the guitar player Marino De Rosas.

Once again, the Antiquarium Turritano becomes a cultural container able to dialogue with the different languages and creative expressions, opening its doors to an increasingly diverse audience.