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The improvement of fortified systems for museum use.

The recovery and re-utilization of strongholds and military facilities for the knowledge and enhancement of historical military landscapes. The Polo Museale of Sardinia, in partnership with the Istituto Italiano dei Castelli, presents a conference titled The enhancement for fortified systems for museum use, on Saturday 16 December 2017, at 10.30. The conference is inside the captivating architectural complex of the space of San Pancrazio, in the Cittadella dei Musei, Piazza Arsenale 1, in Cagliari. The event is presented by the director of the Polo Museale of Sardinia Giovanna Damiani, and by the president of the Sardinian section of the Istituto Italiano dei Castelli Donatella Rita Fiorino. The lecture provides a reflection on a very contemporary issue, such as the abandoned military facilities for a new conversion to cultural and tourist use of a meaningful and critical part of our heritage. The contribution of the scholars Valentina Pintus, Daniele Piras, and Caterina Giannatasio of the University of Cagliari, focus on the theme of re-development as an essential solution to prevent the loss of castles and fortresses, with great historical value, that would otherwise be destined to deterioration. Throughout the organization of this event, the Museo Archeologico of Cagliari, with the support of the instructors of the museum’s educational service center, and the territory of the Polo Museale of Sardinia, has organized a ““didArt”, play-learning workshop , dedicated to the ancient construction techniques.

The workshop is designed for children ages 5 to 12. Admission is free and the request for participation is accepted by email to All requests must be submitted by Friday 15 December, and must include the names and ages of the participating children.