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The Gremio dei Massai Agricoltori between faith and tradition.

On Aug. 14, the city of Sassari will relive the long-awaited Faradda, the descent of the Candlesticks that returns to celebrate, after a break due to the pandemic, the fulfillment of the vow to the Virgin Mary after the liberation from the plague in 1528.

A few days earlier, on Friday 5 at 7 p.m., Sassari’s Pinacoteca Nazionale will open, in collaboration with the Gremio dei Massai Agricoltori, an exhibition dedicated to this centuries-long tradition, now a UNESCO heritage site.

Ancient and in-use documents, such as statutes and minutes, period images, clothing and artwork will tell the story of the life and customs of the Gremio, which, in the traditional intregu, exchanges flags with the city’s mayor and participates in the toast of good luck.

The recently restored ancient Candlestick, banners and ancient Candlestick flags will be on display, accompanied by a series of unpublished drawings by Giuseppe Biasi dedicated to the figure of the Obrieri or Paraj. The evening, will conclude with a toast and concert by the Amici del canto sardo Città di Sassari choir.