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The Church of San Francesco of Stampace, from chest full of treasures to forgotten ruins.

The Pinacoteca nazionale of Cagliari is offering free admittance visits on Saturday 4 May, 2019 to celebrate the return of Sant’Efisio to Cagliari, one of the most venerated saints of Sardinia. The main focus will be on the historical quarter of Stampace, known for the artistic shop of the Cavaro.  Testimony of a millenary faith are the Church and the Cript of Santa Restituita, the Church of San’Efisio with its underground area where, according to tradition, the Saint was incarcerated while waiting for his execution, the monumental Church of Sant’Anna, and the Church of San Michele, a true Baroque jewel in the heart of the city.

The Church of San Francesco and the annexed convent were built in Stampace around 1275, and very soon became one of the hubs of the city’s religious life, enriching itself with artistic masterpieces year by year.

Retablo della Visitazione, Juan Barcelo, 1488 – 1516

Giacomo Orrù will reconstruct the history of the Church of San Francesco through images, historical photographs, and will analyze a few art pieces currently kept at the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Cagliari at 17.00.