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The book presentation of “Territorial sovereignty of the Medieval Sardinia”. The Malaspina.

Strategies and practices of power between innovation and continuity in Sardinia during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

The Museo Sanna of Sassari, in collaboration with the International Library  Koiné, is hosting a book presentation by Alessandro Soddu, from the University of Sassari, titled Territorial sovereignty of the Medieval Sardinia – The Malaspina (XIII-XIV centuries), Carocci Editions.

During the evening, the political/institutional, familiar, and patrimonial events that took place on the island during the Low Medieval time, will be analyzed, with the great contribution of the scholars Pinuccia Simbula, Mauro Sanna, and Franco Campus. Special attention will be given to the noble family of  the Malaspina. The family, originally from the Lunigiana, led to a renewal of the economic/social and settlement structure, including local society, whose requests, such as in the rural and urban communities, were accepted in the statutes, and in the noble privileges.