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Tabernae Turritanae. A walk through the shops of Turris.

Going back in time to relive the atmosphere that animated the streets and the shops of the ancient Roman city.

During the extended opening hours from 16.00 to 20.00 on Friday 7 September, 2018, the Museo archeologico nazionale Antiquarium Turritano of Porto Torres, in cooperation with the Roman Sardinian Association, is organizing an evening of historical re-enactment, titled Taverane Turritanae. A walk through the shops of Turris.  

The shops of Turris Libisonis will come back to life with the contribution of the Sardinian Association re-enactors.  A few shops will be rebuilt inside the spaces facing the Cardo, called tabernae by the archaeologists, which will include the Pistrinum of the baker, with the demonstration of the techniques used to make different kinds of bread; the fish shop that will serve Garum, prepared following an ancient Roman recipe; the Medicus shop, that will exhibit its surgical instruments and will reveal its secrets; and finally, the jewelry shop with a selection of Imperial age jewels on display. There will also be the creation of a votive chapel dedicated to the goddess Isis, protector of navigation and trade during Roman times. All the re-enactors, wearing faithfully reproduced historical garments, will be available to provide information, and to satisfy the curiosity of the visitors in the tabernae of Turris.