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Retabli on video.

The work of the students of the class IV E of the Liceo Classico Statale G. M. Dettori of Cagliari will be presented on Tuesday 19 June, at 18.00, in the conference room of the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Cagliari. The presentation is part of the project School/Work alternation (law 107/2015) themed How a museum works: knowledge and valorization of an art work.

The students, led by their teacher Simone Mereu, produced videos of the most interesting retabli exhibited in the Pinacoteca. Images and a narrating voice will describe the painted boards, and compare them to the contemporary artistic currents. The scientific work highlights each student’s point of view towards the art work.

The utilization of multimedia formats become an effective tool for promotion and valorization of the cultural heritage. This project will draw a more “technological” visitor, giving a greater contribution to the accessibility.