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Maria Licheri. From dream to creation.

The exhibition Maria Licheri. From dream to creation,  will extention until 22 August 2018:

  • tuesday from 9.00 to 13.00;
  • wednesday from 9.00 to 13.00.

The exhibition displays about 140 unique artworks that the artist created during her life. Every single piece is handcrafted with ceramic and other materials, such as threads, fabrics, and sand. The artist revolutionized the traditional concept of the art of ceramics with  her peculiar painting style, creating  unconventional painted surfaces. Visitors will admire some of her prestigious awarded creations, such as the ceramic sculptural group Riconciliazione e Fratellanza, awarded with the Targa D’Oro in 1975, L’Olmo Racconta, a polychrome ceramic sculpture of 1997, the face-vase Giano Bifronte of 1974, and the Vaso con Visi of 1973. Every element of the collection is the result of an emotional and technical journey, and determines the materialization of her dreams, her fears, and her artistic story.