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Male and female vanity. Weapons and the jewelry.

Exhibition of ancient jewels and weapons in the Spazio San Pancrazio of Cagliari, from 25 January to 10 March 2018.

Jewels and weapons. precious objects, testimonies of history and tradition, are on display and will close Oro e Argento, the last theme of the first edition of Musei di Storie.  A comparison between two worlds, so different but yet so surprisingly alike: the jewels of the Sardinian tradition and the ancient weapons. Inside the suggestive sixteenth-century bulwark of San Pancrazio, in addition to the existing exhibition of  the collection of splendid traditional artifacts such as, embroidered and colored fabrics that are the expression of Sardinian material culture, visitors can admire objects that belonged to two distinct worlds. One is purely masculine with richly decorated weapons such as,   knives, sheathes and Sardinian rifles, the other is feminine, with jewels, rosaries, and amulets. Two different universes that converge in the simple search of beautifying an object, and the vanity of using it.

Napoleone’s rapier, the representation of the neoclassical artistic culture,  is also  an element of connection.  Cameos, seals, and miniatures are placed next to the Napoleonic relic. All these objects will allow visitors to capture a moment of Sardinian society, involved in the currents and trends influenced by France, where the passing of time and  the historical evolution preside over much of international events.

On the vanity topic there   is a great display of many jewels from the collection of 466 items that include earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches, pendants, buttons, keychains, spuligadentes (silver toothpicks), perfume holders, snuffboxes, miniature cameos, engraved stones, belts, buckles, rosaries, and amulets.

The inauguration of the event  is on Thursday, 25 January, at 17,00, and  commences with an opening lecture by Salvatore Carboni from the Università di Cagliari. The theme of his speech  is  L’argento in Sardegna, an historical synthesis on the extraction and exploitation of silver.

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