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King Barbaro’s breakfasts. Archaeology conversations over coffee.

The Museo archeologico nazionale Antiquarium Turritano of Porto Torres, in collaboration with the Associazione Musicando, is organizing a conference in the archaeologic area of Turris Libisonis on Sunday 15 September, 2019, with free admittance. The archaeologist and director of the museum Maria Letizia Pulcini, will talk about the figure of Orpheus with a lecture titled Orpheus between past and present.

After the huge success of the previous events, this will be the last of the King Barbaro’s breakfasts for the year, where archaeology is discussed over a cup of coffee. The main character of the conference will be Orpheus of whom the Archaeological Area houses a beautiful mosaic, and for which different interpretations were given throughout the years.

The atmosphere will be even more intimate and pleasing, and complemented by a delicious breakfast for the event participants. Following at 11:30, there will be a music contribution dedicated to a modern Orpheus with the concert titled Capricci d’autore.

Reservations are necessary for a maximum of 25 participants for each event.

For the summer holidays, Porto Torres is organizing a series of events inside the Area archeologica of Turris Libisonis to discover the less known aspects of archaeology and history of the past in an original manner: breakfast over a cup of coffee!