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Flight into Egypt.

In the Pinacoteca Nazionale of Sassari, from Sunday, January 7, 2018, it will be possible to admire some interesting pictorial works of art, that will lead us on a fascinating path between art and spirituality, associated with the theme Flight into Egypt.

The event will be inaugurated on Sunday  January 7th, which is also the first Sunday of the month with free admission. The historian and writer Marcello Derudas will present the paintings during a meeting/debate. The speaker will recount the historical and liturgical aspects of the flight of Joseph, Mary, and baby Jesus to Egypt. The lecture will be followed by a speech of the physicist Giannicola Cabizza, who will illustrate the magnificence of Halley’s Comet. On the occasion of the Epiphany, the visit to The Holy Night in art time, will be enriched with the oil paintings on canvas of the Fuga in Egitto by Bartolomeo Castagnola. This work of art leads the way to other paintings on display: Riposo durante la fuga in Egitto by Francesco Vanni, and an oil painting on canvas Riposo durante la fuga in Egitto  by an unknown painter. These paintings are part of the Pinacoteca’s collection.

This occurrence is part of scheduled events for Musei di Storia with the theme Gold and Silver.