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Cultural district of the area of Nuoro. The Athens of Sardinia.

For the first time, museums, archaeological sites, and cultural facilities of the province of Nuoro are adopting a shared tickets sale system.

From 15 June to 30 September 2018, it will be possible to visit the cultural sites of the area of Nuoro with a special discount. Maps with a list of open museums and cultural locations of the town District, coupons, and discounted tickets will be distributed by participating museums, Sardinia’s tourist information offices, ports, airports, hotels, restaurants, and bars.

19 institutions, representative of the significant Sardinian cultural heritage will open their doors to visitors with reduced prices. Among these locations, there is the Museo Archeologico Nazionale “Giorgio Asproni” of Nuoro with its rich collection of relics that tell the historical events of the entire province, from the origin to Medieval times.

A unique occasion to learn about the past and the present through testimonies of the fascinating signs that, with their peculiarity, fascinate visitors from all over the world.