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1882 – Tributes in memoriam.

On Wednesday 17 July, 2019, from 15.30 to 19.30, the Museo nazionale Memoriale Giuseppe Garibaldi of Caprera will have a special opening, and will exhibit two of the first tributes offered after the death of Garibaldi that date back to 1882: a bronze wreath gifted by merchants from Florence, with their names carved on the leaves, and an oval ceramic plaque donated by the Democrats of Vierzon, who wished to commemorate the anniversary of his death.

Bronze wreath gifted by merchants from Florence

Oval ceramic plaque donated by the Democrats of Vierzon

After Giuseppe Garibaldi’s death, during the commemorative ceremonies of 2 June and 4 July, representatives of various associations, delegations, municipalities, or simple admirers, used to lay flower wreaths next to his grave. These wreaths were later replaced by bronze ones with inscriptions of the donors, and the reason for the donation. These tributes increased in number each year, and for a very long time they adorned entire walls and covered the furnishing of the White House, enhancing the somber atmosphere typical of a “laic sanctuary”, always open to welcome the devoted pilgrims.

The artifacts were moved from the house during the first half of the seventies, and placed in storage. Today there are almost one hundred pieces of this original bronze collection, accurately stored, and cyclically displayed. Each plaque and each wreath commemorates the anniversary of the death or birth of the Hero, recalling institutions and associations that from year to year, paid tribute retracing and narrating the time of these great patriotic events, and of the cult of Garibaldi.